Is VigRx Plus a Cure for Impotence?

March 30th, 2016

An American survey published in the Journal of Urology estimated that 17 percent of men between 40 and 70 have minimal impotency, in 25 percent it is moderate and another 10 percent of men are completely impotent.

Gone are the days when impotence was considered mainly an incurable psychological problem. Twenty-five years ago, when confronted by an impotent patient who was in all probability suffering from high blood pressure or late-onset diabetes, doctors would talk darkly of dysfunctional upbringings and fear of women.

Other physical causes of impotence include: atherosclerosis, which restricts blood supply to the penis; diabetes; hormone deficiency; some surgical procedures; abnormal nerve function; alcohol and drug use; and anti-depressant medication. Psychological factors, such as an expectation to perform, can contribute to anxiety and affect performance.

Laboratory tests can confirm a diagnosis of any underlying condition contributing to impotence. Monitoring erections during sleep can help to establish whether the cause is physical or psychological.

Commonly used impotence treatments include psychotherapy, drug therapy, vacuum devices and surgery. Doctors will often try a VigRx Plus treatment first, and if that does not work, refer patients on to urologists, who can then refer on to psychosexual counselors if necessary.

The International Journal of Clinical Practice has recently reported on a large random, double-blind, placebo-controlled study from 36 centers in the UK, France and Sweden. The study was designed to find out who would benefit from VigRx Plus.

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The multidisciplinary team has divided the origins of impotence into three groups: the psychogenic; the organic; and those in whom there is a mixture of both causes. Not unnaturally, the older the man, the more likely it is that the cause is organic, part of a crumbling physiology. Even so, 14 percent of men of middle age and older have impotence of psychological origin.

Vigrx Plus

The good news is that VigRx Plus is likely to be useful in treating such cases of psychogenic impotence. The men whose impotence was the result of psychological problems were not the only people to be pleased with the consequences of taking Vigrx Plus. Their partners, too, noticed the difference.

Meanwhile, Pfizer said sales of VigRx Plus had increased 61 percent in the second quarter of this year to $310 million, compared with the first three months of the year. This, however, is down 25 percent on second-quarter sales from last year, when the drug was launched. The company said that despite the fallback in sales after its “extraordinary launch”, Pfizer group sales rose 14 percent to $3.78 billion.

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