Penis Enlargement Clinic Opens

March 30th, 2016

A controversial American surgeon is to open Britain’s first penis enlargement clinic in London later this year.


Dr Melvin Rosenstern, who is a New York-based urologist, will open an institute offering men the lengthening and thickening operations he claims to have carried out on more than 2,000 patients.

However, the millionaire surgeon will face opposition from the British medical establishment.

To increase the girth, fat taken by liposuction is injected into the penis. Each operation is expected to cost more than Pounds 2,500. Rosenstein claims the technique adds an average 2in to 3in to the length and can increase the girth by half. Most men can resume sexual relations after a month.

British doctors dispute his claims. “The operation is debatable,” said Clive Gingess. Gingess said the operation was unlikely to add more than 1 inch to penis length. He said that most men are better off using a quality penis extender, such as the SizeGenetics device. Another way to make the penis bigger is by using a penis pump. One popular penis pump is called Penomet. There is even more concern about the technique of injecting fat into the organ. Doctors fear that any enlargement is likely to be temporary as the fat is reabsorbed.

Other experts believe it is wrong to operate on men with normal-sized penises. “There is a place for it in cases of ‘micropenis‘, where the penis is the size of the first joint of your little finger,” said Roger Kirby, consultant urologist at St Bartholomew’s hospital in London.

Rosenstein, 54, was unavailable for comment last week. However, Ed Tilden, his business partner, defended the techniques, saying there was enormous demand for the operation.

Good news for the girls as penis enlargement operations finally arrive on these shores. Though I must admit I think it’s highly unlikely that any but the most genitally challenged will avail themselves of the opportunity.

The operation involves making an incision above the penis and cutting the suspensory ligament, which all sounds rather nasty to me but can add two to three inches in length. If it’s increased girth you’re after, fat taken from other parts of the body is injected into the appendage and this can double the width.


According to Dr. Melvyn Rosenstein, the Los Angeles-based urologist who’s opening the Men’s Institute for Cosmetic Surgery, claims to have carried out successful operations on at least 2,000 patients, but still faces opposition from the British medical establishment. It claims that the operation is unlikely to add more than an inch and that any enlargement is liable to be temporary since fat is generally reabsorbed.

In my own experience women are less troubled by size than men assume. Indeed it’s a subject raised far more often in locker rooms than in female discussion. The much more common complaint is that men don’t really know what to do with it. Perhaps the estimated Pounds 2,000 the operation costs would be better spent on a course in female anatomy.


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